Gregor Schneider. Born 1969, Rheydt, Germany.

Lives and works in Rheydt. The reason Gregor Schneider continues to live and work in the town of his birth, is that his main and ongoing artwork is in fact his own home. Since the age of 19, Schneider has been transforming the outwardly normal-looking house into a compulsive personalized labyrinth by making a series of alterations to the structure of the building.

He has constructed duplicate rooms, each carefully crafted to look like the room it both occupies and conceals; caused other rooms to rotate continuously, and created artificial windows complete with simulated sunlight.

Simultaneously intimate and intimidating, Schneider's labor of love is at once a house, a domestic museum and a complex work of art. As writer Ralph Rugoff has said of this psychological portrait of the artist as a growing man, 'home just isn't what it used to be'.