The Dr Patel Memorial Cricket Match

In 1980, Dr Yashoo Patel arrived in Hampshire from Kenya, where he had practised as a GP. Within months he was installed in the tiny village of Westbourne as the village doctor. He then brought his young family to live there.

Cricket had always been an overriding passion: in Kenya he had played for the national team and been tour manager. Now in Westbourne, he once again took up his bat and played regularly for the village team.

For his sixtieth birthday his choice of celebration was to field his own team of family and friends against the village team. Tragically, six months later, he died.

After his death, his family, searching for a fitting way to commemorate his life, began a tradition of a cricket match between Dr Patelís Eleven, captained by his son Stan, and Westbourne Village. 2005 saw the fifth anniversary of Dr Patelís death. The cricket match is an annual highlight for the whole of the Patel family.

These portraits, taken on July 10th, 2005 in Westbourne Village for the cricket match, celebrate an event where traditional English afternoon tea is served alongside channa marsala and chicken biryani.