The photographs I am showing on Ireland present a very particular view of the country: in some respects it is unashamedly romantic, partly due to the fact I worked largely in the rural areas where tradition and faith still intertwine and many qualities of daily life remain.

The Irish part of me responds to the people and to a culture which values the quality of relationships above many other things and as a photographer I always return for the light.

The west coast is the first stop for the weather after three thousand miles of Atlantic ocean so that in the space of an afternoon all the seasons of the year come to visit. From the Dingle peninsula I have watched the dolphin leap, and the curraghs race across the ocean.

I participated in the annual pilgrimage up Croughpatrick mountain, climbing through the mist and rain to the bed of St. Patrick. And even at the height of ‘The Troubles’ in the North, I remember happy times drinking potcheen in ‘kitchen ceilidhs’ where all divisions were left behind.