I made my first film as a chemistry teacher: I gave each kid a molecular description and a huge formula sign, then got onto the school roof and filmed them racing around reacting according to their individual properties. Film was always a magnet for me, but a stills camera was more accessible and I could learn alone, pursuing my own way of seeing moments or series of moments without needing a script or sound.

Two years at the Royal College immersed in all aspects of photography cemented my relationship with the camera and set me on a course for 30 years – becoming a photojournalist, travelling the world to create stories of all sorts for books and international magazines. I was lucky to work with great writers and editors, to witness unfolding moments in history and to keep taking pictures.

Along with seven like-minded photographers I set up Network, an agency to support us in doing the work we wanted to do. Over 25 years it developed into a leading forum for the exploration of all aspects of photography, from portraiture to landscape, corporate documentation to campaign assets.

I switched to digital very early and created work on early digital platforms such as CDRoms and then websites. But the vast changes brought about by the arrival of the web and increasingly sophisticated cameras have transformed the possibilities of image making and I have grown my interests accordingly.

In my journey through these digital changes I have became more interested in narratives involving multiple media and am now making videos. But my film-making is heavily influenced by my stills sensibility and my way of seeing the world. I am constantly collaborating with different practitioners – sound artists, writers, musicians, editors, performers, directors – and finding new ways to use stills, sound and moving images to make stories of quality and purpose.

Where to find my images

Video collaborations
Of Leonardo da Vinci
Music theatre work with for solo improvised voice and movement, digital sound playback and HD video projection. First performed in Teatro Fondamenta Nuove, Venice in collaboration with Muziektheater Transparant in December, 2011. Published by Nuun Records, France

The Arrival
Theatre-circus production, inspired by the graphic novel by Shaun Tan.  Created a series of videos projected as part of the mixed media performance
Tamasha.org.uk/productions/the-arrival  June 2011

Video commissions
Cancer research UK for Analog Folk
Microsoft ‘Youshapeit’ designer videos for EMC consulting
Stanton House Recruitment for Luminous
‘Metamorphosis’ for Little Yellow Jacket http://littleyellowjacket.co.uk/work019-metamorphosis.html

Video exhibits
Cine Salon, Newhaven, USA
Cine Tech 2010, Primo Alonso Gallery, Shoreditch, London

Photography: Editorial clients The Sunday Times,The Telegraph, The Observer, Life, Geo, GQ, National Geographic, Time, Stern, Conde Nast Traveller, Forbes, Fortune, Management Today, Newsweek.

Photography: Corporate clients Unilever, Saachi, BBC, British Gas, V&A Museum, Boots, First Leisure, Nat West Bank, The Commercial Bank of Saudi, BP, Texaco, Eagle Star, Guinness, Finciel, ALEA, RAD, Rank, Met Life, Fila, CGI, NHS, Trocadero, MCI, ActionAid

Photography Partnerships
The White Tent with Lost Vagueness at Glastonbury 2005-2009
The White Tent at Birmingham Bullring with Rhubarb
The White Tent with The Guardian magazine

Photography Exhibitions
Individual exhibitions
Metal Forest, a multimedia collaboration at the Bond Street Gallery
Coming & Going, Museum of London,
Portrait of a city, Royal Festival Hall,
Moscow, Photographers’ Gallery,
Visual Noise, The Highgate Literary & Scientific Institution,
“On Your Bike” BBH gallery and Picture House gallery
Group exhibitions
London Street Photography, Museum of London
'Mass Photography: Blackpool through the camera'
Che Guevara, UCR/California Museum of Photography, V&A
Doomsday project, Bradford Museum of Photography
Positive Lives [world touring show] aidsalliance.org
London at Work, Docklands Museum

Photography books
Have Wheels, will Travel
Working Lives
Into Cuba
Day in the Life of London, Los Angeles, Ruhr Valley, USA, California, Spain, Italy, Hollywood, Ireland, Thailand, Vietnam
Mardi Gras
The Metal Forest

World Press ‘Oscar Barnak’ Award
City of London prize for Portrait of a city
Arts Council award for “Coming & Going” Vogue Award